The Quest

This started out as a wee bit of silly on the 100 Days of A&S group on facebook, and now I’ve been doing it long enough that it’s become a Thing.

Let me give you an example, just so this makes more sense. This was today’s post:

Day 33: There was a pause in the Quest, or at least a detour. The directions to the Woolie Lands were clearly not accurate, or possibly those lands not nearly as fertile as one had remembered. Half! A mere HALF as much wool as one might expect! Most frustrating, and will require further exploration later. Fortunately the Hemming Mines were nearby, and provided (after a rolled hem on sheer nylon mishap) solace and comfort.

A fanciful way of describing the quest towards new garb, really. Keeps me amused if nothing else.

2017-05-28 12.31.54

Quince Tree the Second has flowers!

For those curious, I found only half the wool I thought I had for a viking coat, but did find a sheer piece of fabric to hem for a new veil that might be less heavy to wear than my linen veil. There’s also frequent and extended expeditions to Mending Mountain, which feels like one might never reach the peak of. We’ve visited the Pits of Eyelets (guess what I think of eyelets), and consulted Wise Tomes along the way.

That’s my current bit of silly going on, amongst a whole lot of plain sewing as I work up nerve and skill to get to more garb. It’s not a dramatic fian project, but it does keep me busy.


Fool 2017

This probably should have been a Tuesday post, but clearly I haven’t quite gotten to that whole ‘twice a week’ posting thing yet. Granted, this week is not the best week to try that sort of thing in.

Anyhow! Fool 2017. Fruits of our Labours, an all weekend A&S practicum camping event and basically my idea of amazing all in one cold and wet package. (cold and wet optional, but we had both this year.) There’s teaching and learning and early morning coffee (when the stove isn’t protesting the temperature and we notice that the coffee has actually brewed) and sleepy late night ramblings, singing in the tavern when its too cold and wet outside (complete with construction paper campfire). There’s creativity EVERYWHERE and you come home with a sense of:


Which is a pretty awesome place to be, all things considered. I didn’t get to embrace the classes and teaching as much as I’d like this year, there was a lot of mental space being taken up with court and plans and a new position and Crown Tourney this weekend. I did manage to teach a class on painted floor cloths, and take a spinning class (Scottish spindles, and I sucked at it. My spindle went home with someone else, and good riddance), and do some drop in classes, and take a bread class. (Must feed Fred, come to think of it. Must FIND Fred hiding in a fridge full of Crown dinner prep). A group of people took rock and smelted iron out of it over the course of two days, which basically means I hang out with alchemists. Damn.

It certainly made doing my 100 Days of A&S really easy for that weekend, that’s for certain! Now I’m back to stretching skills (but it’s a surprise for someone, so no preview pictures).

100 Days of A&S: Days 9 – 12

The 100 Days of A&S challenge has been toddling along. I haven’t been updating you guys with a post a day because… well, this is what it’s looked like:

Day 9: Knitting and sewing on lace

Day 10: Knitting and sewing on lace

Day 11: Tablet weaving and knitting and a return to the sewing mines.

Day 12: Sewing and knitting. (Alright, that’s today and I haven’t knit yet, but I will soon.)

You can see that there’s a whole lot of knitting in there. It’s my portable project, so it’s what comes with me to work for lunch hour handwork. (What? You don’t have a lunch hour project?) As it’s the small gauge stocking project that only gets worked on at lunch hours, there could be something said for how long it’s going to take.

2017-05-11 14.07.39

Cuff turned! Only forever yet to go!

The sewing has transitioned from my camica (done! Even the lace! Not perfect, but for my second attempt, it’s better than the first one, which is the important thing!) to Penn’s shirt. I’m still on a high of ‘I didn’t screw it up!’ from my camica project, so even faced with confusing directions I’m still on a ‘yeah! I got this!’. Which is good, cause there’s new stuff in here. Hopefully Penn wont’ hate it when I’m done. (Sorry, forgot to get a picture of the shirt. Picture a pile of white linen. There ya go.)

2017-05-10 07.00.14

See? Lace on a finished camica!

100 Days of A&S: Days 6 – 8

Which, to be fair, I should have been updating since day one, but my last post was up to Day 5, so you’ve only missed the weekend.

The weekend looked like a heap of white fabric, as I attempted to hand sew a camica in a week. (NB: That’s a dumb idea, don’t do it. My hands aren’t really speaking to me.) As I started it last Sunday, in theory a week would have been yesterday. That didn’t happen. I should finish it today (possibly tomorrow, depending.)


Unending sea of white

As I downright pined for something with colour, and as a giant foofy camica for someone of my size is entirely not portable, I also managed to get some knitting in. I figure I should have lovely knee high Eleanora stockings for sometime in the 2020s at this rate.  (So once the unending sea of white is done, I should have an unending sea of green.)


Forever stocking

100 days

I came across this notion a couple days ago, and knew what I was going to write about for my Friday blog post. Baroness Ameline of Rowany in the Kingdom of Lochac has set out a challenge. It’s a challenge to her barony, presumably, and her kingdom, and but in the era of social media, these things sometimes go rather further afield and catch the attention of the Knowne World.

2017-04-21 08.47.32

Gratuitous weaving photo

Her challenge is 100 days of A&S, and it’s based off the notion of a century drill as a combatant might do. At least 10 minutes a day of A&S, for 100 days. She suggests starting over if you miss a day. There’s a hashtag for it (#100daysofAS), and of course, now there’s a FB group for it too.

When a friend from Aethelmearc mentioned it to me, her words went something like ‘of course this would be like telling you to try and remember to breathe every day for 100 days in a row’.. and she’s not wrong.  I’ve been trying to get in the habit of not sitting down at the computer with my morning coffee, but sitting down at something creative. Sometimes it’s the lace pillow, sometimes the inkle loom, sometimes its sewing. Me and a podcast (or two) start the day. (Current projects are largely fueled by the History of Rome podcast)

I’m on day 5 (yes, I did backdate a smidge, but I’ve done A&S every day since March, and I wanted to start on May 1, cause it sounded nice!), and every day so far has been chemise sewing. Close your eyes, picture a big pile of white fabric with little white stitches. There. That’s been my five days of A&S so far. (I am so sick of white.)

Care to join me in the challenge?