The Quest

This started out as a wee bit of silly on the 100 Days of A&S group on facebook, and now I’ve been doing it long enough that it’s become a Thing.

Let me give you an example, just so this makes more sense. This was today’s post:

Day 33: There was a pause in the Quest, or at least a detour. The directions to the Woolie Lands were clearly not accurate, or possibly those lands not nearly as fertile as one had remembered. Half! A mere HALF as much wool as one might expect! Most frustrating, and will require further exploration later. Fortunately the Hemming Mines were nearby, and provided (after a rolled hem on sheer nylon mishap) solace and comfort.

A fanciful way of describing the quest towards new garb, really. Keeps me amused if nothing else.

2017-05-28 12.31.54

Quince Tree the Second has flowers!

For those curious, I found only half the wool I thought I had for a viking coat, but did find a sheer piece of fabric to hem for a new veil that might be less heavy to wear than my linen veil. There’s also frequent and extended expeditions to Mending Mountain, which feels like one might never reach the peak of. We’ve visited the Pits of Eyelets (guess what I think of eyelets), and consulted Wise Tomes along the way.

That’s my current bit of silly going on, amongst a whole lot of plain sewing as I work up nerve and skill to get to more garb. It’s not a dramatic fian project, but it does keep me busy.