The sock continues

green sock, originally uploaded by Jazmin_.

It really is hard to be creative about describing more sock. Woot. More sock! Although I’m knitting along, turned the heel, working down the foot and that little ball of yarn is getting awfully little. Awfully awfully little. Hrm. Might I, for the first time ever, run out of yarn before I run out of sock? I’ll blithely keep knitting along and hope for the best. If need be, I’ll either have a funny coloured toe, or rip some off the top to add to the bottom. Or something.

Airplane socks

photo, originally uploaded by Jazmin_.

Alright so it’s not the best photo, the colour is far more mossy in real life and well real life is far less blurry. My iphone is not a great camera and post bloodwork shaky hands aren’t exactly ideal either. Still! Having half of Guelph turn up to get bloodwork this morning meant that I had plenty of knitting time. This is the current drag around everywhere sock, started on the flight from London to Toronto, which is why it’s missing a pretty picot cast on. I forgot to pack two sets of needles, so it got a boring ribbed start, that I can do in the dark with no elbow room. As I proved. I’m not a small person, but economy seats sure are. And they cruelly walk you through the decadent first class seats on the way to your little cubby of hell, I think if they accepted credit cards on the plane for upgrades on the spot, they’d make a mint. Anyhow, let’s see if I can get socks knit before winter ends.

No internet, 4 TV stations.

Apparently that’s what it takes for me to actually get off my lazy arse and get going on projects again. An unexpected trip to Scotland in Jan. resulted in me (sensibly I’d have to say) bringing 2 stalled projects and nothing else. It got dark at something silly like 4 pm, halting sightseeing, and well, no internet and 4 TV stations. No MUSHes, no WoW, no blog reading. 3 adults expressing TV station opinions and a TV smaller than my laptop screen. I arrived with 6 repeats done, and left with something like 26 repeats done.

Originally uploaded by Jazmin_

I have fears that it’s going to be too short, but the proof on that is in the blocking. Someday I’ll remember that not only am I larger than most (to say the very least), but I’m long through the torso as well. Too short is just a shawlet, right?