Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy thanksgiving to all who are celebrating it this weekend (and to those who wait for November, consider this a very early Thanksgiving greeting).

I’m grateful for so many things every day, from the way the light highlights a flower, to the birds that come to my feeder, a lovely little house, creativity and knitting and friends and the cats and my best beloved well.. life is good. Life is generally very good.

And right this moment, I’m very thankful for my husband having made me dairy-free pumpkin pie. This girl’s got her priorities straight.

Decimal continues

Following up on the length revelation a few weeks ago, I sat down and had a good hard look at the sleeves for Decimal. Now, I might be a 4X in the body, but somehow my arms are quite slender. (Relatively speaking) I had a tiny bit of this revelation when I started, and knit a 2X sleeve rather than the 3X (a good 3″ narrower just to start) and then I had a look at the measurements. And a quick measure of me and my wardrobe.

Right. Rip out started second sleeve, cast on for medium. Yes. Medium sleeves, 3X (shut up, I’m optimistic) body and size sm length.

Bodies are such weird things.