Fool 2017

This probably should have been a Tuesday post, but clearly I haven’t quite gotten to that whole ‘twice a week’ posting thing yet. Granted, this week is not the best week to try that sort of thing in.

Anyhow! Fool 2017. Fruits of our Labours, an all weekend A&S practicum camping event and basically my idea of amazing all in one cold and wet package. (cold and wet optional, but we had both this year.) There’s teaching and learning and early morning coffee (when the stove isn’t protesting the temperature and we notice that the coffee has actually brewed) and sleepy late night ramblings, singing in the tavern when its too cold and wet outside (complete with construction paper campfire). There’s creativity EVERYWHERE and you come home with a sense of:


Which is a pretty awesome place to be, all things considered. I didn’t get to embrace the classes and teaching as much as I’d like this year, there was a lot of mental space being taken up with court and plans and a new position and Crown Tourney this weekend. I did manage to teach a class on painted floor cloths, and take a spinning class (Scottish spindles, and I sucked at it. My spindle went home with someone else, and good riddance), and do some drop in classes, and take a bread class. (Must feed Fred, come to think of it. Must FIND Fred hiding in a fridge full of Crown dinner prep). A group of people took rock and smelted iron out of it over the course of two days, which basically means I hang out with alchemists. Damn.

It certainly made doing my 100 Days of A&S really easy for that weekend, that’s for certain! Now I’m back to stretching skills (but it’s a surprise for someone, so no preview pictures).

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