A slow lemming

When Clapotis burst onto the scene in Fall of 2004 (Knitty that year), it was a huge success. It was /the/ thing to knit. Everyone was making one and more than one. It’s got almost 20 THOUSAND projects listed in Ravelry.

And I went ‘enh, whatever’.

I’m not much of a lemming. I’m not much of a follower on the trends. I didn’t knit February Lady when everyone else did. I didn’t knit myself a Birch when it was all the rage. I got around to Jaywalker and Monkey socks /eventually/.

This time, I had some nice yarn (stash yarn, discontinued, Fiddlesticks Country Silk) I wanted a scarf from. I had a vacation that I wanted something easy to knit that showed off the yarn and not the pattern. Finally Clapotis rose to the top of the queue.

Well now I get the appeal. It’s fast, it’s easy, it looks awesome. You get to unravel your work and have it just look /good/. Alright, alright, I’m a slow lemming.

Gather scarf 2012 is done.