Hand sewing

I posted this to facebook and figured I’d pop it on the blog as a quick post to get back in the habit of blogging. So for everyone who is about to read this twice, I am sorry.

I commented on someone’s post in the not so distant past about hand sewing. They were struggling and felt like they were slow and awkward and basically hand sewing was miserable. And I noted that sometimes, it’s practice, but sometimes.. you need to change needles. Not all needles work for all projects. Today while I was sewing, it was exactly that. I am very comfortable with hand sewing. I enjoy it, I find it comforting, I do it often. I’m working with a light canvas right now, and it was fighting me every stitch of the way. So I changed from my usual beloved needle (shown at the bottom.. I wanna say it’s a quilter 9? But I’d have to find the package to be sure, and often I just take the last one to Len’s and hold it up to find more) to a different needle (Sharps 8.) And now my needle isn’t fighting me, it moves smoothly and easily and my stitches aren’t a battle. The needles don’t even look /that/ different, but the feel and function are miles apart. I’m all for practice, but it might not be you! (Also.. needles do dull. If you don’t misplace needles often, it might also be time for a change!)

Two needles, similar but not the same.