The shame pile

Alternately, the projects of doom, the haters, the unwilling commissions, the UFOs, the other pithy acronyms, in short.. all the projects you’d rather clean the basement than work on.

My basement is starting to look pretty good, thanks for asking.

I distinguish these ones from the ones that you sort of putter on. The quilt that you add another strip to every so often. The weaving that gets another repeat periodically. The cross stitch that you’ve been working on long enough that it can legally drink. Wait, that one probably is in the shame pile.

I like to think that everyone has these projects. The ones that you start, and they go horribly wrong and you don’t know how to, or if you want to fix them. The ones that are just bloody tedious. The ones that you look at, and sigh, and somehow just find all the reasons in the world not to work on. Sometimes because you know they aren’t going to live up to expectations, or what you can see in your mind’s eye, and don’t want that fear to become reality. Often because unfinished somehow seems better than imperfect.

I wish this was a post of uplifting wisdom, where I shared with you the One True Way of getting past that, but I haven’t found it yet. I have no idea how to just kick it until it happens. I’ve no clue how to summon up the motivation to work on a project that has lost its sparkle, that’s lost its shine and love. Suggestions welcome.

If you’ve made it to the end of my morose Monday meanderings, here’s a celebratory HG Kitty picture.

2016-05-07 16.24.02

HG Kitty axe sitting at Lady Mary Tourney 2016