100 Days of A&S: Days 9 – 12

The 100 Days of A&S challenge has been toddling along. I haven’t been updating you guys with a post a day because… well, this is what it’s looked like:

Day 9: Knitting and sewing on lace

Day 10: Knitting and sewing on lace

Day 11: Tablet weaving and knitting and a return to the sewing mines.

Day 12: Sewing and knitting. (Alright, that’s today and I haven’t knit yet, but I will soon.)

You can see that there’s a whole lot of knitting in there. It’s my portable project, so it’s what comes with me to work for lunch hour handwork. (What? You don’t have a lunch hour project?) As it’s the small gauge stocking project that only gets worked on at lunch hours, there could be something said for how long it’s going to take.

2017-05-11 14.07.39

Cuff turned! Only forever yet to go!

The sewing has transitioned from my camica (done! Even the lace! Not perfect, but for my second attempt, it’s better than the first one, which is the important thing!) to Penn’s shirt. I’m still on a high of ‘I didn’t screw it up!’ from my camica project, so even faced with confusing directions I’m still on a ‘yeah! I got this!’. Which is good, cause there’s new stuff in here. Hopefully Penn wont’ hate it when I’m done. (Sorry, forgot to get a picture of the shirt. Picture a pile of white linen. There ya go.)

2017-05-10 07.00.14

See? Lace on a finished camica!

One thought on “100 Days of A&S: Days 9 – 12

  1. Mine is essentially:

    1: spinning
    2: knitting
    3: spinning, wool processing
    4: wool processing
    5: combing, spinning
    6: spinning
    7: spinning, warp measuring, partial loom warping
    8: spinning, fighting with warp, spinning replacement warp
    9: knitting
    10: knitting

    … by which we deduce that knitting is an excellent solution to warp aggravation, and that I really need to get something in here that is not fiber-related. Monday is an open scribal session! There will be gouache!


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