Not the song, although to be fair, it’s a pretty good song.

But a sock. A deliciously challenging, full of twists and turns and surprises sort of sock. Colourful, a bit of a pain in my arse, and compelling to see how the hell it all fits together. I decided, you see, to cast on for Skew, and it’s sock origami.

Much like the baby surprise sweater, you knit along with utter blind faith, and find little ah ha moments along the way. This blind faith knitting, well it humbles me. I’m a rookie designer, I think of myself as being reasonably adept at knowing the hows and whys of patterns being put together, and this? Well. It takes what I know, tosses it on it’s ear out the door and kicks it to the curb. In my generous moments of strong self esteem, I am inspired by the flexibility of knitting and of the human brain to consider such a thing, and on the bad days I stare in baffled awe at my knitting and think ‘Well, no use /me/ designing anything, it’s all crap comparatively’.

So behold my obsession, and the parasol? Well it will get washed and blocked and beaded. Just after this section. I have to see how it goes next!

Skew sock