Snartemo Sample

I don’t often do samples, but that’s generally what one gets out of classes. I took my first tablet weaving class at FF&F last November, and it happened to be Snartemo. The teacher looked a little gobsmacked that it was my first time tablet weaving (more than just a couple of picks on someone else’s weaving), but to her credit, she didn’t kick me out, just said ‘well, ask if you have questions!’.

2016-03-24 20.13.45

I ended up moving it from the bigger loom to the smaller loom later, and the tension wasn’t great, so I stopped after only four repeats and acknowledged it as a class sample to join others in the box. I rather enjoyed it, although it’s not fast by any stretch. A lot of following along on the chart for every single row. Fussy and fiddly, which unfortunately, tends to be my preference.


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