Kingdom A&S

I was all prepared to open the new blog with my thoughts on KA&S, and I still will, but even a week later, I’m still a little gobsmacked. Some backstory, as we’re rather jumping into the middle of it all.

Hi and welcome. I don’t promise a lot of content, or consistent updates, but I wanted somewhere to shove my SCA handwork. I’m not very good at focus, but I do tend towards string. Except when I don’t. This past weekend marked my 2nd anniversary with the SCA. It was luck, really, that my first event was Kingdom A&S in 2014, but excellent luck. That hooked me right from the top. So much awesome concentrated in one room, inspirational, and honestly, I got sucked into judging at that first event (lacemakers are fairly thin on the ground), and the conversational tone that is all I’ve ever known makes me smile.

The next year, on my first anniversary, I entered Pentathlon. Apparently that’s a little unusual for one’s first entry at KA&S, but it seemed natural enough to me. I’d read all the rules, five projects seemed doable, and other than some manic project finishing and stressed out documentation writing.. not too bad. I lost to a mind bogglingly awesome display of skill, one that a year later, I still aspire towards. Merewen’s attention to detail makes my fussy heart sing. Damn.

Fast forward to 2016. I’d actually planned out entries. (Alright, so I had a list of about 9 potential entries to narrow down to five that didn’t suck.) I’d even done research in advance (Note to self: do more doc writing before the week docs are do. Research is all fine and good, writing still takes time.) The rules had changed, but to something easier for me. (no categories? Woot!)

2016-03-19 10.00.41

Apparently planning worked, as I won this year. It hit me halfway through court when I realized that I was holding the A&S champion cup (and weirdly behind the thrones, that’s unusual apparently, but I got pointed that way rather than back to a seat!) and then hit me a half dozen times more on the way home, and I keep forgetting that I won over the course of the last week.

For the curious, my entires were: a counted work embroidery sampler, sourdough bread, a limp bound book, a series of madder dyed samples and a knitted relic pouch.

I’ll go into each entry in more detail over the next little while. Free blog post inspirations! 🙂

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