Talk about going outside my comfort zone, wowza! An A&S afternoon up at the farm of my baron and baroness, and there was lovely company, pattern draping for late period bodices and Baron Penda got the forge going for anyone who wished to give it a shot. I know a knife got made, and a few two prong forks, a hook that can be attached to the wall, and for my first attempt, I made an S-hook. Simple, practical in camp and simple. The simple was where I was aiming here.

2016-03-26 21.56.26

It doesn’t look like much (See the aforementioned simple aim), but from a straight bit of metal, I got bendy metal!

I can’t say that I now have a sudden desire to add a forge to my tiny backyard, I’m still pretty string oriented, but I’m glad I tried it at least.

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