I have, for many years, mused and debated and considered joining (re-joining? Joining. One brief flirtation 20 yrs ago doesn’t count) the SCA. (Society for Creative Anachronism, a medieval reenactment group). I’ve always tended towards that sort of time frame for my preference in dress up, and having a bit of focus towards my flailing and distractible attention is a feature. (Not that approx 1000 yrs of history is all that much focus, but at least it knocks off the last 400 yrs, which is a start.)

As much as this is generally a knitting blog, I’m actually very handwork ADD, and dabble in basically anything once, twice if I like it. I do seem to end up back with sticks and string every time, but I’ll still try anything.

Over the weekend, I went to my first SCA event, and I done good in picking it. Kingdom A&S competition. (Kingdom = province wide, A&S = Arts and Sciences.. everything that’s not fighting) So people from all over the Kingdom bringing their A game to show off to everyone. Hot /damn/ there are a lot of stunningly talented people. Even better, like handworkers everywhere, if you cornered them and asked them to tell you all about it, they were generally delighted to share their insights and enthusiasm with people who were gawking. (Much like asking a gamer ‘tell me about your character’, really. Geeks are geeks, be it illumination or Pathfinder.)

I came away wanting to do everything. Lace! Embroidery! Wire! Spinning! Research! Costuming! This is in rather direct contrast with the 2014 promise to myself that I’d finish things that have been hanging about forever. I should institute a one done gets to start something new plan. Fortunately some are non-portable, which makes it easier to know which ones come along in my backpack.

Going to work today is a distinct challenge, I’d rather stay home with my sticks and string, dammit!

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