Bobbin Lace

I finally took the plunge and dug out my bobbin lace pillow. I’ve own the supplies for this flavour of lace for ages and ages, and apparently to judge by the scraps of practice work in the little box of bobbins this is my 3rd go at it. (My memory said second, but my memory also didn’t remember half the bobbins I own, my memory clearly sucks.)

It’s novel to settle in to a technique where using up some of my size 30 cotton is the same as handing a beginning knitter a ball of chunky and 6mm needles. Then again, its starting to feel that way with knitting as well, but I’ve so damn much of it, I feel as if I really should keep knitting doilies out of the good old size 30 that is legion around here. (And size 10, size 20, size 40.. perhaps there’s just a lot of crochet cotton in this house).

Lo and behold, welcome to the bobbin lace equivalent of a garter stitch scarf, complete with knots, bad tension and mismatched threads. (Damn bobbins are pretty though, and you never seem to have enough. That’s a dangerous combo for the wallet.)

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