Lace Knitting to Philosophy

Based on the mouseover for this xkcd comic: Extended Mind, one can get to the wikipedia page for philosophy from.. anywhere. So of course I had to try it.

I started at Lace Knitting and passed through such topics as Matter to Knowledge and Mathematics to get to Philosophy in 18 steps.

An amusing way to spend 5 mins of curious clicking, certainly.

As for actual lace knitting, I’m slowly plugging away on Frosted Ferns (Rav link, sorry about that.. although if you’re not on Ravely, why not? You dont need to talk to people, but it’s terribly handy for keeping track of your own stuff). It’s a Niebling. It’s more accurately, my first Niebling.

I am not a novice lace knitter. I have enough hubris to recognize that, I can cope with just about any pattern dropped in front of me, and I’ve knit a helluva lot of lace. This keeps my attention. Almost too much sometimes. I can’t just go on autopilot, and let me tell you, that’s pretty rare these days. I am rarely active challenged in my knitting, and I like that. I just wish I liked more of his pieces, but ideally I can eek out enough of his that I do like to keep my needles and thread happy for quite some time to come.

Frosted Ferns rnd 75

I’m on round 75 of 122, which is not more than halfway it’s only 38% completed. Area is a far more accurate measurement than plain row count when you’re working from the centre of a circle out.

Basic specs: 2mm needles (currently knitpicks metal circulars), size 60 Oren Bayan cotton in ecru, which is turkish and very nice. I found 5 balls of it at the thrift store for some piddling amount, and I’d guess I’m not even halfway through the first ball of thread.

Less than halfway by area, I am going to be at this for quite some time to come. At least it’s reasonably scenic along the way.

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