Not dead yet.

Alright, mostly dead.

But I am knitting, and as awesome as Ravelry is for letting me keep track of what I’m working on. (How /did/ I manage to keep track of what I was working on before ravelry? Oh right. A little orange notebook I lost a lot.)

Currently in progress is the Summer Mystery Shawlette by Wendy of Wendy Knits. It’s adorable, it’s like eating potato chips, and if you want to jump in, we’re only 24 rows in and they get shorter with each one. Go for it! I only have clue one photographed (and badly at that), so if you don’t want spoilers, close your eyes.

Mystery shawlette clue 1

Okay, you can come back now. Isn’t it adorable? Relevant info is 4.5 mm needles, KnitPicks sock yarn in a tweedy russet. Just yum. In theory, it will only take two balls. I hope that theory pans out, even with the larger needles.

Tomorrow, or later, I will show you the Neibling I’m working on. Call it incentive to come back. If there’s anyone still reading, that is. *laugh*

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