Mystery Shawlette Clue 2

While I might be smack in the midst of knitting through clue 3 of Wendy’s mystery shawlette, I haven’t yet shown off clue 2, and my procrastination can be interpreted as keeping the mystery and suspense.

Or something.

Mystery Shawlette Clue 2

Clue 2 was another super short one, only 12 rows, coming up to 2 rows of border and 24 rows of pattern. Just easing us in gently before 72 rows of clue 3.

I have learned, however, that doing the long rows while you’re high on the new project fumes? Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. I may need to try and figure out how to do all the boring parts first, although perhaps that will just end in my getting bored on something else, but for this little thing? Brilliant. Each row gets shorter than the last, in direct contrast to my usual circular knitting where it rapidly gets huge.

I was going to add another picture, a close up of the first two clues here, but apparently I am incapable of taking a clear photo of it even with a quite nice camera and a monopod. I am that inept, clearly. So have a blurry one and just squint so that it’s supposed to look blurry, or something.

Mystery Shawlette Clue 2

It’s a gorgeous day out, I think I might have to do some knitting on the front porch this evening.

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