Looking back, looking ahead…

I started in 2006 keeping a list of FOs for the year. (or trying to at least.. I’m sure there’s stuff that got forgotten) Looking back at 2007… wow. I got very little accomplished.

  • 5 doilies of various sizes
  • 2 dishcloths
  • 3 suncatchers
  • 1 scarf
  • 1 baby sweater
  • 2 pair of socks

That’s it. That’s really sad. It’s made more sad by the (at least) 2 big projects that will hit the 2008 list by virtue of being.. nearly done. Mariah is all knit. It just needs sewing up and a zipper, and it has for months.. I’m not quite sure why I’m loathe to not just finish it. (Okay, other than the firey hate I have for sewing up, and the not entirely unreasonable fear that it might not fit) I’m also.. 30 rows from the end of another baby sweater.. and I know I’ll be out of yarn. I need about another 1/3 or 1/2 of a ball of Mission Falls 1824 wool, and I’m not sure if I want to scour my stash (I’ve already looked.. now it’s scouring), use a colour that looks /awful/ with the others, or beg for more yarn. The budget isnt really keen on shilling out for another ball. December wasn’t pretty.

(Pretend like there’s 2 of them. And that it’s not an old picture. I’ve got the old camera at work.. with no batteries. I’ve got photos on the new camera at home.. with no card reader for the new memory card it takes. We’re all imaginative people. We can make do!)

So! 2008! Looking forward. More finished things. I’d like to finish stuff. I think that’d be keen. I think knitting out of the stash would be keen. And paring the craft room down to where I can walk in it. That would also be keen. *grin*

So hopefully I’ll have a whole lotta new stuff to show off as this new found push to productivity gets going. (or dies a horrible death like resolutions everywhere.. oh wait! Positive thinking!)

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