Alright so I’m a redhead rather than a blonde, and its knitting needles rather than porridge. [1] Work with me here on the comparison.
I’ve got size 30 cotton and a doily pattern that’s caught my eye. (Yes more size 30 cotton. Sue me, it’s my favourite lace thread.) 2 mm needles arent giving me the love anymore. The plain section is too dense for my liking.. perhaps I’m just uptight (Yeah yeah yeah.. I’ve heard it), or perhaps I should switch to decaf (Uhh.. full time tech support. As the button I got at GenCon says: I drink coffee for your protection. Not going to happen.), but I think my gauge has gotten tighter. Well. Damn. Okay, no problem.. I’ve got some 3 mm needles in my bag. (No project they go with, just a zippy bag of needles. Yeah, my life is like that.) 3 mm is way too big. The thread has no structure, no stitch definition. 2 mm is too small, 3 mm is too big.. where’s my just right! 2.5 mm you say? Do I dare take those needles out of the sock in progress?

Yep, that’s the sock in process no longer on 2.5 mm needles, but now on 3.0 mm needles. I really don’t think one round of funky gauge in the ribbing is going to be the end of my socks’ world as we know it. And I get the startitis under control. Uhh.. no I give in to it. As I always do. I am weak. *hangs head* See?

Salient points for the detail oriented: J&P Coats size 30 mercerized cotton, size 2.5 mm bamboo needles, one of the patterns out of Gloria Penning’s compilation of Rachel Schenlling’s patterns. Pattern 5 on page 3 for anyone who has the book.

[1] No porridge, but I do have a bear:

I’d claim it’s blurred for the privacy of whoever that is sitting in front of the bear, but no.. really it’s a photo out of a moving vehicle pre-coffee. The bear sits in front of the gallery next to where I work on campus. It is regularly dressed up for events or at the whim of university students.

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