Ah ha!

I’ve been musing on what to knit next. The Baby surprise jacket that I’m sooo close to finishing is in Time Out while I debate how to solve the ‘I need more yarn’ issue. I’ve got some UFOs laying about that.. well.. if I was all hellfired up to work on them, they wouldnt be UFOs, now would they?

So! New Year, new cast on. (Yeah yeah yeah.. only yesterday I was saying how I was going to finish things. Shush.) I need to work out of stash because well.. yeah. We did the budget for January and it took me 9 days to realize we hadnt accounted for pet food in it. (Right about when we bought cat food. Whoops.) Nor had we accounted for yarn. Yes.. that’s right.. the budget has no ‘yarn’ category. AIEEE!

Deep breath. Deep breath. The craft room overfloweth with yarn (and fleece and fabric and thread and patterns and and and..) Surely too goodness I can keep myself amused for weeks.. months even.. out of it.

Now.. I have long hair. I wear my hair in a ponytail.. well more often than I probably should to pretend like I’m a professional. Enh. Oh well. I live in Canada. It gets cold in Canada. Ponytail + warm hat = looking like an alien is trying to emerge from your skull under your toque.

Enter Calorimetry. I remember seeing it last year and going ‘oh yeah.. I should knit that’.. but apparently it didn’t stick until Kat knit one. See? Isn’t hers pretty? I am inspired. Now I just need to go stash digging to find something to knit it out of. I don’t figure that will be /so/ hard to come across.

I also surrendered, and found batteries for the old camera, rather than magically try and wish the photos from the new camera onto my computer. Or magically wish the new card reader to read the right sort of cards. Maaagic. Now I just need to have something to take pictures of. Here. Have a cute cat photo.

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