Baked and half baked.

Nothing like mixing and matching my geeky pursuits. Sitting around at office hours for the vampire larp at UoW, bump into a D&D player that we game with in Toronto and work on casting off the doily. I think that moment perhaps quantified all that is geeky in my world. This damnned doily has given me no end of grief on the thread front. First the knots, then the running out, then the non mercerized. Grrrrr. It is done. Done done. Not blocked, but done.

I also finished the first of the dayglo socks. Jaywalker pattern, Regia sock yarn. These are the travel socks, so they dont happen quickly. I’ve cast on for the second one already, so hopefully that will keep SSS at bay. The fit’s pretty good, and while I haven’t weighed the ball of yarn remaining, I’m easily going to get the pair out of it and probably could get a pair of kids socks as well. Yay small feet. (Something about me is actually small. Hands and feet.. hey, I’m taking what I get here.)

Now I just need to decide what next. Perhaps I’ll surf my Ravelry queue and see what leaps at me. I’m slowly getting the hang of Ravelry (a networking site for crafts.. sort of. It’s a great big gawk fest at what everyone else is doing really). I wasnt sure of it to start with, but I’m a slowpoke at everything. Focus is for oth.. oooh! Shiny!

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