Poor old camera.

My poor old camera doesn’t cope with shiny well. It doesn’t cope with little well either. Have mercy on it, it’s (in the scheme of digital) ancient. (which means a few years old. I’m so glad humans arent ranked on that scale of ancient). Anyhow, that being said, here’s some beaded shiny (little *and* shiny.. oh yay) that I did in class last night.

Class was with the Guelph Needlecraft Guild (comment if you want more info), and it was downright heavenly to sit down at a class where I wasn’t one of the people who knew what was going on. I tend to take classes that I could be teaching and end up being a resource for other students, but beading.. I’m a mook like everyone else. Here’s a closer picture.. isnt it pretty!

If all goes well this evening, I might even have a knitting FO soon. Wouldn’t *that* be novel.

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