Argh! Pink!

Problem. My usual. Using vintage thread, run out before the end of the doily. We won’t get into the ‘you never blog’ problem, let’s just pretend it never happened and move on. Okay? Okay. Right! Out of thread. As usual. This time about 9 rows from the end, which is at once better and worse than 2 rounds from the end. Varigated pink in size 30. No problem. I’ve got pink coming out my ears (me? Pink? Why!? I’ve no idea, I think it breeds). Seven different balls of pink cotton come out to the back deck with me. Natural light is the only way to go for matching.

Every last one.. mercerized. Nice and crisp and shiny. Doily? Not mercerized. Soft and faintly fuzzy and definately not shiny. Well. Damn!

Vintage cotton is nearly always mercerized. I’m up a tree here.. but wait! I did a little tiny doily out of this very same cotton thinking ‘I’ve got lots! No problem!’.. I’ll go find it, rip it out (Eeep!) and have plenty more cotton.

I can’t find it. It’s in the house somewhere, but damnned if I know where. In the hunt, I pick up a ball of white and put it down. And pick it up again. Size 30.. not mercerized. Well I’ll be hotdamnned! Whoo!

Varigated middle, white edge.. nearly becoming my trademark.

Why do I have this much pink!?

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