Paper clips and ball point pen caps…

A conversation about cables this morning devolved into a litany of what sorts of things I’ve used in lieu of cable needles over the years. Everything from the cap to a ballpoint pen, dpns, earrings (the dangly fish hook ones, not the little stud earrings), pencils, nothing at all and my miscellaneous tool of choice.. paper clips. *Wistful sigh* Paper clips. So may uses, knitterly and in my other life as a techie. I mean they move seamlessly from Disk Extraction Tool to stitch holder to stitch marker to cable needle to marking a place on the pattern sheet to.. well I think that’s enough for the poor little paperclip, isn’t it? A knitting tool I am never without in my little box of goodies.

For the record, the little box is about 10 cm (4 inches) long. Measuring tape, paper clips, stitch markers, tooth picks (also excellent cable needles), wool needles, tapestry needles, emery board (for both my nails when catching on wool and my wooden and bamboo needles), and as always a little bit of yarn.. just in case. So what do you keep in your knitting bag with useful bits in it?

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