Neverending green…

Happy National (alright so not my nation, but I’m willing to co-opt) Pie day. This is a holiday I can get behind, even if thanks to my currently aim to have less of me ultimately, I don’t think I will be celebrating by baking a pie. Have some pie on my behalf!

Anyhow, yes. Neverending green. I came to the realization today that my two never ending projects are both green. There is the sweater of doom.

See that little bit of connected knitting under the stitch marker? That’s where it went from pieces to rows of doooooom. 402 stitches currently, should be 394 by the end of lunch hour. *yawn* I am eternally grateful for the continued cable up the sleeve or this project would be yet another UFO.

The other green project that is stalled is the fir cone shawl that I’m doing in green laceweight. It is quite so stalled that I don’t even have photos of it. A triangular shawl that is at the long rows and memorized pattern stage. *yawn* I really don’t have the attention span for this. Green green green. Green green green. It’s not easy being green you know.

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