Poor broken body..

Have mercy on my poor broken body.. it’s a (mis)quote from (in my mind at least) the Muppet Christmas Carol by Rizzo the Rat, as all the good quotes are really. Today, the quote comes to mind because of this.

Look closely.. see how the needle tips are twisted the wrong way from each other? I grant you, they’ve been doing that for years, but finally, the little connector from needle to cable is starting to break. *Sigh* Broken enough to catch every other stitch. I finally surrendered and knit the green sweater of doom onto a different 4.5 mm needle, but it’s not an Aero. Yes, I’m an Aero snob. I like my knitting needles to have points that can be used as the weapons that all the paranoid people on planes think they are. (If any of them think I’m going to get blood all over my knitting by stabbing them, they really just don’t know knitters.) This needle has been with me nearly since the beginning of my knitting career.. it’s been the default ‘I have aran/worsted/kitchen cotton, lets swatch with 4.5 and see’. It’s like a favourite pair of jeans, just when you’ve gotten them broken in nicely, fitted to one’s curves.. it means they’re on the edge of death.

So goodbye my favourite knitting needle. It’s a good thing Len’s is open late tonight.

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