Nothing grows in the shade..

I sat down at my desk this morning at work and thought ‘Well, that whole post a day thing didn’t last long, now did it’ followed shortly by ‘I meant to post about my killer socks’ and a little bit of ‘mmm, new to me boots’. So while mumbling to myself (It’s a good thing I’m the only morning person in the tech alcove) and flipping the page on my page a day quote calendar I read this:

“I have little feet because nothing grows in the shade.” – Dolly Parton

Well. My day is full of feet. Socks and boots and quotes, oh my! It’s a common refrain in my house that I have small feet. I don’t really, they’re a fairly standard north american women’s size 7 ish (like everything clothing for women, sizes are really only a vague guideline. But that’s a whole other post). This is hardly ancient foot binding small, but when put next to the snowshoes that my best beloved tromps around the world on (size 13 mega wide), well they look pretty little. Little and covered in killer socks. Yes, it is true, after over 2 weeks in the loving *cough* grasp of Canada Post, my Sock Wars socks finally arrived.

I am finally dead, but dead with warm feet. And I got the socks I knit (I know! No pictures. Bad Jazmin, no biscuit.) into the mail before I died. Life doesn’t get much better for a sock warrior than that. In honour of my death, I am working on my cotton socks. Because nothing says ‘you need cotton socks’ like snow waiting on the ground in the morning.

8 repeats of feather and fan down, 7 more to go. In theory, shouldn’t be too much longer. I might even manage to finish today depending on if I get a seat on the bus or not.

Yes bus. Home again to wait for a furnace repair guy to come and not be able to install the part that I do not think will arrive today as it sure didn’t arrive yesterday (as it was supposed to). At least we’re starting to get furnace people to arrive. That was a challenge earlier in the week, and we do have heat currently, even if the furnace drains into a bucket rather than condensation getting pumped to where it’s supposed to go. Heat is a Good Thing ™.

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