A bribe..

Perhaps a cute cat photo will serve as apology for 2 months of silence. Whoops. Dalla was positive that we folded up the blanket and put it on top of the rodent cage in the living room Especially For Her. Then again, she’s a cat. Everything in the world is Especially For Her.

I’ve been in a handwork slump of late, creativity slumps when I’m busy, and I’ve been busy doing.. not much of anything. Online game things, rattling around having my creativity in storytelling rather than handworking. I really need to find a way to have a second set of hands so I can type and knit simultaneously. Or spin, or embroider, or or or.

I did, teach a dye class at the Needlecraft Guild in late September. I totally forgot to get pictures of my sample skeins, hopefully tonight I can get some photos of my student’s work if they remember to bring them. Pictures later this week. I promise. Kick me in the shins if I forget!

I did participate in Sock Wars, although my socks are MIA and this is, as best I can tell, not entirely unusual. I’ve sent mine off (*cough* perhaps a touch late on the mailing *cough*), but of course, I forgot to take a photo. Whoops. This is the story of my life. I make a terrible blogger. No photos!

I did dig out a sock that had been languishing and got back in gear on it. Alright, so perhaps the morning frost has been enticing me away from bare feet, but that’s besides the point. A day of family reunion (my husband’s) with other knitters (who think it’s normal to dig out one’s knitting when sitting around after supper eating cake) got me this far on a toe up sock.

I need a few more family reunion days to actually get this sucker done so my toes stop freezing. Amusingly enough, my sister in law had on socks from the very same yarn as I did. Ahhh, nothing like a family of knitters.

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