Little hit of lace…

Hello, my name is Jazmin and I’m a lace junkie. Chorus of voices Hello Jazmin.

Shawl be damnned (why is it, exactly, that my lace shawl doesn’t feel in my own bones like real lace? I think it’s the purl rows.), I needed a doily. Just a little one.. take the edge off the lack of crisp cotton and teeny needles that has been my life. I’d say ‘I can quit anytime’, but I’d be lying and you all know it.

For scale because I stupidly left out the ruler, it’s only 3.25 inches across at the moment. Just a little wee hit of lace. It’s Bellflower, and I’m working it on 2 mm needles with size 20 cotton. A little smidge of my beloved six strand Coats and Clark vintage cotton that is long long since lost to this world. Crisp and sharp and lovely to work with. *Mournful sigh* That’s 28 rows into the 38 row pattern. It will be itty teeny. I recharted it (badly I will add) because the original chart made my eyes cross.

Before I caved to the lace side, I did finish my socks.

I am going to give these some walking time to see how I like the fit of the short row heel and toe with my foot. So far, not bad, but so far I’ve only walked from house to car, car to office. Not exactly much of a stress test on socks. It doesn’t help that I’m trying them in clogs, which equally isn’t much of a stress test. Stuff these suckers into running shoes or docs and see how they cope then. Ha!

I stopped by our newest yarn store on the weekend (finally!), to have a wee look around. High end stuff, which actually is a feature and sensible. We have a discount store that has as much red heart and patons and bernat yarn as you can stomach and the wall of slaughtered muppet yarn is more than most can stomach. Trying to compete with slashed discount prices is retail suicide. You cannot, however, get Koigu or Noro or Debbie Bliss yarn or Philosopher’s Wool (Yay local supplier!). I am glad to be able to have somewhere to go pick up high end yarns. It’s a good compliment to the staples. In honour of a new yarn store, I felt a little more sock yarn into my stash wouldnt go amiss. I mean how can you go wrong with an extra ball of Regia in dayglo orange? I forgot to note the colour number, I’ll take a picture of it tomorrow. Or just start it into socks. 🙂

One thought on “Little hit of lace…

  1. Nice socks! What I\’m most impressed with is that you have managed to make the patterns (nearly) match. Kudos!!I haven\’t been to that store yet. Sock yarn I could manage – but even that I don\’t actually need any more of, having bought Zellers out of their cheapo acrylic when it went out of Stone Road Mall.*phew*


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