Malkie has the right idea…


We’re home from GenCon and a week later, I think we’re both finally not exhausted all the time. It was a blast, but damn it’s tiring. We worked our tushes off, shopped ’til we dropped and in the end, Malkie is quite convinced that the box our swag came in was clearly brought home just for him. Dalla could take boxes or leave them, but they are Malkie’s one true love. At least for the moment.

The handwork hasn’t done much while I’ve been away. The shawl is not getting far, I worked on a sock in the car.. of course somehow I decided to do a sock at 8.5 spi, so it’s slow going and will be bulletproof eventually. I finally went with the shortrowed feather and fan sock by Wendy. The toe was interesting enough, perhaps not ideal for working on in the back seat of a car moving at 80 mph on bumpy highways, but it seems to have survived. Photos when my knitting and the camera are in the same place at the same time. Tomorrow perhaps. Posted by Picasa

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