I really do finish things..

And of late, it’s been a flurry of finishing up things. Little things I grant you, but wow it makes my productivity look just great. đŸ™‚

That dishcloth that was barely a few stitches a few posts ago is all grown up. Just needs the ends woven in. It will be sent off in an exchange shortly, once I get an envelope. It’s a good ten inches across, which seems to me to be a huge dishcloth, perhaps I’m just skinchy.

I was in a foul mood the end of last week and my pi doily ticked me off for the last time. So I cast it off in a huff. For having caused me no end of grief all the way through, it’s not a half bad little piece. Yes, I did use 2 different colours, and no it wasnt on purpose, and yes I am planning to overdye it. This is unblocked and unwashed and undyed and basically fresh from the needles.

In a moment of girly, I cast on for a top for me. Twice. *blush* Three times if I’m being brually honest. Swatches are for sissies, hunh? Well no. Swatches are good. Swatches are great. Swatches tell you when you need a smaller needle as not to produce a see through too big t-shirt. Even fat people can wear clothes that are too big. A lot of ’em do, and it just makes ’em look bigger. I’m not talking shoving into something a size too small.. no sausage casings.. skimming. Just float over the bits that don’t need highlighting. Anyhow, now I know that a 3.5 mm needle is much better than the 4.0 mm needle the pattern asked for. This pattern to be specific. With short sleeves and a lack of fun fur edging. Even if I’m oddly fascinated by the fun fur edging, I want a summer top and fun fur + 35C + 100% humidity = EWWWW. No fun fur.

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