How does my garden grow?

My garden grows in a way that would make a druid’s heart sing. Which is to say a wildly chaotic tumble of natural. Paths? For wimps! I do, however, have some blooms around the house and thought I’d prove it with pictures. I braved the killer mosquitoes to get these photos, I hope you all appreciate it. *laugh*

My irises, I can’t get them to grow where I want, so I just accept that they’re tucked in with the lilies.

The spiderwort is trying to take over a shrub rose. I think the rose is largely winning.

The primroses are nearly finished for the season. Poor things did not cope well with the recent heat wave.

I think these are call Jacob’s Ladder.. I don’t have any clue what the latin name might be, or even if that’s accurate.

The poppies are just starting to open, and soon I’ll have a sea of them going. These ones are tucked in at the side of the house.

And this is the first of my peony blooms to open, feels a smidge early to me, probably thanks to the heat wave.

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