The end is near..

Well really the end is already here for some things, near for another and a long long way away for the last. But ‘The end is near..’ just made a much better title than all that.

I’ll start with the finished object. We are, on the Charting Lace list charting a pattern from Nurhanne’s site. Very descriptively called Small Doily, it’s a good place to start playing with charts. I wrote up my chart on Saturday and then decided the best way to find all my errors was to knit it up. So, that’s what I did Saturday afternoon.

I knit the pattern almost exactly as written (there was some oddities in row 21-23 that I went with what I thought they wanted, not what they’d written down), and if I was going to do it again (don’t hold your breath), the purl rows on the outside would be gone. I knit in the round to avoid purling, not do 6 freaking rows of it in the round on dpns. Fooey on that. The poor little doily needs a proper blocking and a wash. That will happen eventually.

The nearly finished are the socks that have been my portable project forever. Thanks to meetings at work, I’m up into the ribbing (I work from the toe up). We will not discuss how much more sock yarn I have when I knit socks so very very slowly and go barefoot 9 months of the year. *ahem*

Finally, as with the doily done I was laceless and the Mystery Stole 2 doesn’t start ’til the 7th, well.. I decided to start a shawl I’ve had my eye on for a while. Fir Cone Three-Quarter Shawl It’s a lovely shawl, simple and all that good stuff and I really like the shape of it. I got it started on Monday and as of today I’ve gotten about this far. I need to knit like the wind to have it done in time to start the Mystery Stole on time!

One thought on “The end is near..

  1. Hiya…I was reading about how you knit in the round to avoid purling… I\’m going to suggest something ridiculous, but it might work LOL.How about on the row before you need to start the purling you knit in the front and the back of the very first stitch. Then when you\’re done with this round, flip your work over (so that the back is facing) and then just knit in the other direction. This would leave a gap, but if you\’d do a knit together with that very first stitch of the previous round and your now first stitch (you\’d have to remove the start-of-round-marker of course) you would eliminate that gap. You would be knitting, but on the right side of the doily it would look like purling. I haven\’t tested this, so it might not work, but it might be interesting to see if it does LOL.Cheers Eva – who wandered over from the EZasPi group and who is in the Charting lace group too 🙂


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