Blah and double blah

I’m not quite sure why I’m all grumpy blah snarky, I’m going to blame the weather. It’s a good excuse, but anyhow, a grumpy day needs mindless knitting. I forgot the sock at home *gasp* Yes, I forgot the sock, but I have the dishcloth.

Mindless, in my world, apparently translates to in the round lace. Hey, it works for me. It’d work better for me if I had a fifth needle, I’m out of space on these four. Oh well, only 3 hrs ’til hometime.

The pi doily got cast off in a huff last night, after the edging choice ticked me off. I’ll get a photo tonight, ideally. Why yes, I was in a grumpy mood then too, how ever did you guess? 🙂 Posted by Picasa

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