Jack of all trades

I joke often that focus is something that happens to other people, and it’s not wholly wrong. I mean, I do focus to some degree. I’m not much for things outside string. Except for brewing, and baking and soap. And dyework, which is at least basically brewing with string, so we’re back in the same neighbourhood at least.


Heddle string needing untangling

It’s a pretty big neighbourhood, however. Spinning and knitting and lace and weaving and embroidering.. any one of those could be a lifetime’s worth of research and projects. I lament periodically that I don’t pick one of those and devote myself to that lifetime of research and projects. If I did.. if I had, I’d be more of an expert in a single field these days. I’d probably have some toe dipped into the wider community of my choice and not just admire the potential in Convergence, and IOLI and various local textile initiatives doing more indepth research.

But I didn’t, and more importantly, I’m not that person. I don’t focus well. I leap off to whatever has caught my wandering eye right now. (Currently tiny lace knitting that has no basis in SCA period, but is making my heart sing even while I swear at it.) I’ll get back to weaving when the whim swings back that way, and well, spinning is eternal. The basis of everything, spinning never ends. Just like I’ll never be someone who runs marathons, I’m more of a 5K kinda gal. (Okay, right now I’m more of a ‘shuffle to the coffee maker’ kinda gal, but still.), it’s not who I am, that that’s.. that’s okay.


Current tiny project in progress

As I feel it needs to be stated outright, this has nothing to do with SCA award structure and everything to do with watching friends who /do/ focus their efforts have it richly rewarded (and rightfully so) with speaking engagements and wider research potential. I’m delighted for them, and a little wistful too. They are that person, and I am not. And both are alright. I live the ‘jack of all trades’ mantra. If you need me, I’ll be over here with my spinning. Or knitting. Possibly embroidery.

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