2012 recap

I am, generally, pretty anal retentive about keeping track of projects in Ravelry. Which makes the retrospectives over what I knit in the last year much easier. Doubly so when I realize that the last thing I knit in 2011 was my dorky hat, finished on New Year’s Eve, so everything after that is 2012.

Frosted Ferns
Headband (crochet)
Cat Vest
Circle Socks
Little Flower Doily
Filly Knit Scaf
Snowflake dishcloths (crochet)

So one shawl, two scarves, three doilies, one pair of socks, seven dishcloths (I did the snowflake one six times) and some random oddness. Not a whole lot of knitting. Some huge projects (Frosted Ferns felt like it took forever), but mostly tiny things. I did, however, spend the whole year in physio with my arm, so I need to be patient with myself on that front.

I already have a project on the finished list for 2013 (a pair of socks that almost got done on the 31st, but not quite), and more clearly to come.

I just don’t know what, if any, theme do I want for 2013. Finish up old stuff? (the usual, as I have projects from 2005 and 2006 in my UFO list, clearly I’m bad at it) Accept that there will be a lot of little stuff (or not much little stuff) and go on? Try and start something big and work at it a bit all year? A sweater? A shawl? A blanket? All doilies all the time? All out of stash? (Unlikely, I can already think of a ball or two of worsted I would like to pick up). I suspect I shall muddle along as usual, knitting what catches my attention at the time, plodding along on the ones in progress and generally not having much of a plan.

Story of my life really. 🙂

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