I found a free pattern for a snowflake dishcloth at Len’s Mills on the weekend. (For those not in SW Ontario, Len’s Mills Store is kind of like a junk store/craft store mash up. You never know what you’ll find, buy it when you see it, because you’ll never see it again. The craft side is a bit more consistant.)

snowflake dishcloth, originally uploaded by Jazmin_.

I don’t often crochet, I’m actually fairly spectacularly awful at reading crochet patterns, but once I got the hang of this one (I ripped out one round many times before I came up with something that looked like the picture), this sucker goes by quickly. I forgot how fast crochet is. How effective something with that many holes is for cleaning dishes (or faces), well it’s a Christmas novelty. I’m rather pleased with it.

I’ll post a photo of my scarf of shame in my next post. Once I swallow my pride enough to admit to having knit it. 

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