Just keep knitting..

I do feel a little like Dori in the Finding Nemo movie, the lace has hit the never ending stage. Except for one little detail. Before, I was toddling along on the whole ‘oh yeah, I’ll know when I’ve enough’. And then I did the math. And then doing the math became doing a bit more math, with a pencil and graph paper and ended up looking liks this.

Parasol patterns

And then as a reward for all that spiral knitting, I decided to do the hunt for an edging. I wanted wide, but not a leaf pattern, something that evoked the feel of the spirals, but everything wasn’t quite right. So I took two that were close, smushed them together and added a few more holes. I think that’s what goes on behind the magic curtain of design, actually. I then tried it out on some size 5 cotton in blue, as well.. the state of my size 5 Clea is a sad one indeed.

Edging swatch

I’d hoped for about 3″, this is about 6″ wide. Which means I can stop knitting spirals about 3″ earlier! Huzzah!

I have found more Clea 5. Yay!

In the UK. Okay, still yay-ish.

Canada Post is on strike. (Lock out technically). Decidedly not yay. The progress of the parasol may, at some point, come to a crashing pause while I wait on yarn.

Then I’ll just have to toss together a shawl for Camp Loopy, which has also been rattling around in my head for a while.

But for now, back to much more of this.

Parasol close up

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