Wall of lace.

Runners, and I suppose most exercise enthusiasts, talk about the wall. Where at some point things get hard and slow and frustrating and discouraging and you push through anyhow because you are a strong athlete and a warrior and home is 5km thatta way, so either you push through or you suffer the indignities of calling for a cab mid-run. Well at least that’s my guess, exercise and I have the sort of relationship where we flirt and talk good, and then someone doesn’t call, and then there’s accusations and pain and a lot of not talking and it’s all downhill from there until the next optimistic reunion where ‘this might be the one!’.. and you get the picture.

Anyhow, lace knitting has that wall. 42 stitches per repeat. 8 repeats a round. That’s 336 stitches per round, and it increases 8 stitches every other round. It’s currently got a radius of about 9 inches. I’m aiming for about 15 inches before the border, which means about 6 inches more before a border. (Borders take forever and use unthinkable amounts of yarn, I’m going to worry about that later.)

Parasol 336 sts

Currently I’m getting about 8 rounds an inch, so 48 more rounds. 8 more stitches, every other round.. another 192 stitches. It should be 528 stitches per round by the time I’m starting the never ending edging.

Perhaps I shouldnt have done the math.

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