Airplane socks

photo, originally uploaded by Jazmin_.

Alright so it’s not the best photo, the colour is far more mossy in real life and well real life is far less blurry. My iphone is not a great camera and post bloodwork shaky hands aren’t exactly ideal either. Still! Having half of Guelph turn up to get bloodwork this morning meant that I had plenty of knitting time. This is the current drag around everywhere sock, started on the flight from London to Toronto, which is why it’s missing a pretty picot cast on. I forgot to pack two sets of needles, so it got a boring ribbed start, that I can do in the dark with no elbow room. As I proved. I’m not a small person, but economy seats sure are. And they cruelly walk you through the decadent first class seats on the way to your little cubby of hell, I think if they accepted credit cards on the plane for upgrades on the spot, they’d make a mint. Anyhow, let’s see if I can get socks knit before winter ends.

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