No internet, 4 TV stations.

Apparently that’s what it takes for me to actually get off my lazy arse and get going on projects again. An unexpected trip to Scotland in Jan. resulted in me (sensibly I’d have to say) bringing 2 stalled projects and nothing else. It got dark at something silly like 4 pm, halting sightseeing, and well, no internet and 4 TV stations. No MUSHes, no WoW, no blog reading. 3 adults expressing TV station opinions and a TV smaller than my laptop screen. I arrived with 6 repeats done, and left with something like 26 repeats done.

Originally uploaded by Jazmin_

I have fears that it’s going to be too short, but the proof on that is in the blocking. Someday I’ll remember that not only am I larger than most (to say the very least), but I’m long through the torso as well. Too short is just a shawlet, right?

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