Plan B

One might argue that 26 hrs of being in a car (over the course of two different days spaced 4 days apart) with only the scenery and one’s knitting is an image of heaven. It slips into a layer of hell when you realize that you cannot knit for any length of time without pain and that many hours in the back seat causes the knees to compete with the elbow for one’s attention. So. Plan B.


I can, apparently, still spindle spin. I did a little bit of wheel spinning a few weeks back when the elbow first started acting up, but I find my Ashford Traveller, while compact, a little bulky to fit in the back seat of the car along with 3 gamers worth of crap. Fortunately, my toy wheel spindle travels well. I started these singles driving down to GenCon a few years back, and it seems to tag along with me for back seat craft potential when I’ve had enough of (or can’t) knit. The fleece is from a dye exchange equally a few years back now, and spins up to be this really neat mottled yarn. I’m spinning fairly thin, and I’m thinking I’m going to najavo ply to try and keep the colours vaguely together, although the colourways are so short, I’m not sure it will matter much, and if I only two ply it, I’ll have more yardage. Decisions, decisions. So the hoodie might be on hold for a little while (probably a good thing as my elation at being ‘nearly done’ was shattered by reading along in the pattern ‘continue pattern as set for 14 inches’.. 14 inches.. aieee! So much for nearly done!), and the fleece stash might see the light of day for a change. I wonder if embroidery bothers the arm.. sewing.. bobbin lace?

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