Oh the choices…

Mariah is coming along nicely, arm pain nothwithstanding. No marathon sessions anymore, just little bits and pieces here and there. Fortunately, little bits and pieces add up. I’m on the hood, which is fewer than the 400 million stitches that the body was, and with luck, I should have an FO in the next few days.

I did learn, in a fit of grumpy last night (y’know those days where you could be handed a box of zero calorie chocolate truffles with a winning lotto ticket inside and somehow your brain could make that a bad thing too? Yeah. Grumpy.), that spinning hurts in all different ways. Apparently that was good enough (Change is as good as a rest? Perhaps not.) for me to dig out my wheel again and go back to working on the never ending spinning project. I expect it might end sooner if I worked on it more than say an hour every six months or so. (If any spinners are reading, mystery wool roving, slightly felted (hey, it was free!), ashford DT traveller, scotch tension.)

Yes, I know, it’s a damn good thing I knit better than I take photos. I blame the camera, it hates close ups. My camera is claustrophobic. That’s clearly it. At least on my monitor, the colour of the yarn is pretty close to accurate. I’m plying it up as two ply, to call it consistent would be generous and I have no clue what I’m going to do with it at the end of it all. I did a little bit of spinning on a drop spindle this morning, that too hurts in different ways but it’s a good hurt (?). The whole ‘these muscles have forgotten that they move this way’ hurt. Depending on how long it takes the arm to heal, I may get more spinning then knitting done for the next little while. Of course, getting near the end of Mariah has me dreaming of what project comes next. Will I be a good kid and dig up a UFO? I can think of two shawls that fall into that category, or will I cast on something new? Something from stash? Lace? Another garment? More socks? Toys? Baby stuff? (Don’t look at me like that, no I’m not spawning, just everyone else I know is.) Oh the choices!

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