Well I’m still not really knitting. I think I’ve managed about 1 sweater row and 1 sock round in about ten days. Slowly, very slowly, the arm is responding to the happy shiny anti-inflamatories, and while I haven’t been specifically prohibited from knitting, the common sense of ‘Gosh, it hurts when I do this’ apparently still functions in my head. I might work in tech support, but I really do have some lingering aversion to pain.

So, what’s a girl to do when she can’t (or really shouldn’t) be knitting? Stash re-org. Or more accurately stash dig through and pet and *gasp* even a little bit of inventory. A few conclusions were drawn after half a lazy Sunday spent poking amongst bins of yarn.

  • I really do not own nearly as much yarn as I think I do. Sure, it’s contained in about 4 rubbermaid totes, which seems like a lot I know, except that I keep up on the knitting list. My stash is but a drip.
  • Nearly all of my stash are one ball of this, two balls of that, half a ball of this other. Scraps and bits. Enough to do a project larger than mittens is a rarity at best, and I’m not size XS.
  • For someone who loves colour as much as I do, my stash is mostly really boring colours. And a hellish amount of green. Wow oh wow do I love my green when shopping. While I can appreciate that a nice foresty green looks good on someone with my colouring, this is a little excessive.
  • I own enough crochet cotton (size 10 and smaller) to knit a doily the size of Ontario. Oh. My. Goodness. I have got to start looking into ways to knit the size 10 and larger into something other than lace doilies. I prefer those in size 30 and smaller thread. Which I also have copious amounts of. If I ever buy more cotton, smack me.
  • I have both less sock yarn and less lace weight wool than I thought. I was sure I had plenty of sock yarn tucked away, but apparently it’s all in little bits and pieces.

So while I considered participating in the various Knit from one’s stash endeavours running around the net, in retrospect, I expect I’d just be annoyed. I’m not quite at the must buy to start a new project stage, but I’m not so far off as I thought I might be.

Next time I hit the cataloging bug, fabric stash. Or pattern stash. Or embroidery stash. Or or or…

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