Green green green

It has long been a running joke at the Needlecraft Guild (alas, useful websiteless), that everything I do is green. It’s not (entirely) true, I mean I do tend to work in green an awful lot, but I really do use other colours! At the moment, however, my world is a sea of green. Green motherboards and computer components that need replacing at work, a sad little green plant…

If anyone happens to know what this poor little thing is, exactly, I’d be grateful. It’s but a pale shadow of it’s former perky upright self. I don’t think it much liked sitting next to the very cold and drafty window once winter hit.

The most green, however, comes from the sweater. I promised pictures, here’s pictures. Look at the sweater, do not look at the messy messy desk under the sweater. Messy desk is a sign of creative productivity, I’m sure of it. I heard it on the radio.

It really is starting to look like a sweater. If it’s a sweater that will fit me, that’s a whole different kettle of fish, but I have hopes. I should sew up the sides and try it on, but I’m chicken to know the awful truth. Even if it doesn’t fit me now, surely it will eventually, right? Here’s a bit of cable porn for the sleeve junkies.

Hrm, that might get some really unexpected hits and surprised people. Hee hee.

2 thoughts on “Green green green

  1. Nope not the plant Dave said…My grandmother gave me one of these starters every year off her plants.She called them Angle Wings.I think they are this: did the same thing you did. Forgot and left it by a cold window almost every year.If you move it to a warmer place and keep it a little on the dry side, it should come back slowly. I\’ve trimmed it down and sometimes it comes back and sometimes not. You can cut the stagglers off and start them in a cup of water. It roots easily.Sheri


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