Month late and a dollar short…

Or something like that. I do hate this time of year, there is something about Jan/Feb that is instant blah for me. Which means a lot of sitting around staring blankly and not doing anything. I have, however, momentarily shaken off the blah and dug out some photos of things I’ve been working on when I dredge up the attention span to do anything.

Finally I am making progress on Mariah. I’ve finished the bits in pieces and am now doing the join it all together on one big circular to do the shoulders and yoke. It has gotten unwieldy and distinctly not photogenic. See?

I’ll provide a little sleeve cable porn just to appease folks that there really is more to the sweater than greenyblue blob of yarn. Isn’t this just lovely? If I do say so myself?

Nothing like keeping track of sleeve shaping and cable patterns with distinct repeats that aren’t all the same all that same time. I did most of the sleeves in Scotland at my grandmother in law’s dining room table with papers spread out everywhere to keep notes. I expect every time I look at the sleeves I’ll remember the quiet, the smell of the coal fire and have a wee bit of Scotland along with me.

When I haven’t been working on the sweater, I’ve (of course) got a sock on the go. This sock yarn is to die for. Apple Laine fingering weight yarn, 50% merino, 20% silk, 20% kid mohair and 10% nylon. Yum. Yum. Yum. The silk and mohair takes the dye and makes the colours just glow. Honestly, I think I knit this just to pet the yarn. I’m knitting Apple Harvest sock pattern with the Sea Breeze colourway. Even better, the yarn company is based just outside of Ottawa, where I grew up. It might not be local to me anymore, but it still feels local. I’ve only just started the second sock. I should (thank you having little feet) have enough for a second pair of ankle socks. Maybe. Pretty darn close at least.

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