Best laid plans…

Apparently posting regularly is something I just can’t manage. So anyone who actually reads this is going to have to cope with my sporatic and erratic self. Granted, most people who read this already know this little tidbit about my personality quite well indeed.

Two weeks in the UK without internet was very good for knitting time. Two weeks home with net connection and right before Christmas is very bad for knitting time. The best laid plans of ‘no knitting for presents’ was shattered by a little Gosh wouldn’t new hand knit socks be nice, I wear the ones you made for me every night comment from my mother. A week before Christmas. *sigh* So I’m madly knitting socks. Which can’t be too tight, and must be plenty long enough (I am not grafting the toes until after I’ve given them and she tries them on). Thank goodness for worsted weight mohair blend that knits up on big needles. They should go fast if I ever sit down to actually work on them.

After the socks for Mom then I can return to my UK knitting. Mariah. Back is done, sleeves are done, one front is done. Well one front needs ripping back to where I want to put in short rows to let my fitted sweater fit my curves. Straight sweater + curvy figure = poorly fitting sweater.
I got on a roll and just knit right past where the short rows should be and I’ve been balking at ripping. I know I should, but really, I’m just being lazy. I’m good at lazy.

For anyone who’s local, we’re having a holiday open house on Saturday the 23rd. Email, comment, phone, whatever for details if you’re interested in stopping by. Low key I promise! Come for 5 mins to escape the family if you like. *grin*

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