A blast from the past…

Well in the interest of keeping the wrists happy and in yet another misguided attempt to finish some things, I’ve picked back up a cross-stitch project. Embroidery is a whole different motion than knitting, so it provides variety for my hands and wrists. All good in the ever vigilant crusaide agains carpel tunnel.

I started this project in probably late 1995, although the actual date is lost to the annals of time. As you can see from a page of my webpage, (http://www.uoguelph.ca/~hbogart/craft/stitch/medieval.html)
the words ‘I will finish this!’ has come up often. So here I am again. I will finish this, although as I commented to a friend today, perhaps not until 2010 at this rate!

I’ve started dragging it in to work to put a stitch or three in over my lunch hour, and you can see the current sparse progress.
In 2003 it looked like:

Now as of today:

Not much of a change, but it’s coming. More photos as I get more done. In theory.

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