Springtime and a girl’s fancy..

.. turns to starting all sorts of things. This time of year seems to just breed the impulse to start start start and not so much the finish finish finish. I do, however, have incentive. The local Needlecraft Guild has its annual Open House in early May. If I want to sumbit things, I gotta finish them. So the race is on!

Anniversary Pi shawl

Started this in January, you saw it a few posts back. I’m on the last ball of yarn. *yay!* Finally. It feels like this sucker has gone on forever. I’ve done about 140 rows all told (I’m 40 rows into the section with 576 stitch section. In an ideal world, I’ll finish all 96 rows of this section with this ball of yarn. Yeah, I’m laughing too. It ain’t going to happen, but a girl can dream.

Mystery Pi doily

Well, alright, so it’s supposed to be another shawl, but how many shawls does someone who doesnt wear shawls need exactly? Ergo with the choice of skinny cotton and skinny needles, it’s become a pi doily. I’m not sure, exactly, how blocking will work out, so it’s got some experimentation coming on that front. We got 4 choices for clue 1, so I rolled a d4. Got a 2, so choice B it was. Even if left to my own devices, I’d of picked something different. I shall leave the choices with the fates.

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